Voyageur: Northeast Wisconsin’s Historical Review is a nonprofit magazine about the history and prehistory of a twenty-six-county region of greater Northeast Wisconsin. The magazine’s coverage area extends from the Sheboygan and Fond du Lac areas northward to the Michigan border, and from Lake Michigan westward to the Wisconsin River region. Voyageur is published by the Brown County Historical Society in collaboration with the University of Wisconsin– Green Bay. The magazine began publication in 1984.

Manuscripts may focus on a variety of historical issues and themes, including but not limited to: social, economic, political, technological, cultural, business, labor, industrial, environmental, religious, military, transportation, ethnic, racial, sexual, institutional, educational, medical, health, legal, criminal, archeological, architectural, sports and recreational. The magazine welcomes submissions about the Native American peoples of this region, whether before or after the arrival of Europeans. Voyageur does not accept creative nonfiction or fictional accounts of people, places, or events based on the historical record.

Upon making an initial determination of relevance, the Editor sends manuscripts to Editorial Committee members for blind review. Authors will typically be notified by email within two months of submission whether a manuscript has been accepted for publication and on what terms.

  1. Format & Length

    Authors should submit their works electronically via email attachment in Microsoft Word format. Other formats may be accepted, with prior approval from the Editor. Manuscripts should be double-spaced and should include page numbers. Although Voyageur sometimes publishes manuscripts of up to 5,000 words, a good target length is 3,500 to 4,000 words, not including notes and tables. With the author’s approval, and based upon the discretion of the Editor, longer manuscripts may be edited for length or split into parts to be published as a multi-part series. Original manuscripts are preferred, although Voyageur occasionally publishes previously published works if necessary permissions are secured by the author.

  2. Style

    Use Chicago Manual of Style (16th edition) guidelines for all manuscripts. As part of the editing process, the editor will ensure that the manuscript complies with Chicago Style and specific Voyageur style conventions.

  3. Sources and Citations

    Voyageur generally requires endnotes to help readers evaluate information presented in a manuscript. See the Chicago Manual of Style regarding citation format. Exceptions should be discussed with the editor prior to submission. If your manuscript includes lengthy quotations from sources, you may be asked to submit copies of the original source to confirm accuracy.

  4. Photographs and Other Images

    Voyageur also urges authors to submit images or photocopies of images that could be used with their text. Images may include photographs, drawings, maps, artwork, and reproductions of documents. Scans of original documents may be included on a CD-ROM disk. Images that are between 8x10 – 5x7 inches should be scanned at 100% of their original size at a resolution of 300 dpi. Images smaller than 5x7 should be scanned at 200% of their original size at a resolution of 300dpi. Acceptable file formats include: jpeg, tiff, eps, pdf or gray scale. Digital photographs need to be of sufficient resolution to allow for reproduction on a printing press and therefore should be at least 1280x960 pixels at 300dpi.

  5. Tables and Figures

    Do not duplicate material in text and tables. Tables and figures are helpful when they aid the reader in clarifying complicated or voluminous information or data.

  6. Headings.

    The use of headings is encouraged to organize information and to break up long blocks of text. First-level headings should be typed in bold and centered. Second-level headings, if used, should be flush left and typed in bold italic. Third-level headings, if used, should be flush left and typed in italic.

  7. Copyright

    The contents of Voyageur are protected by copyright in the name of the Brown County Historical Society. Permission is freely granted by Voyageur and the Society for authors to have their submissions published elsewhere if proper credit is given to Voyageur.

  8. Remuneration

    Voyageur is unable to pay authors or other contributors for publishing their work. However, Voyageur does pay image reproduction fees associated with publication.

  9. Submission and Correspondence

    Manuscripts, images, or correspondence should be sent to:

* Book, Film, and Exhibit Reviews Anyone who wishes to propose a book, film or exhibit to be reviewed in the magazine should contact the Voyageur editor at the email address above.

Updated 2019-03-21.

Meet a Few of Voyageur's Authors

Jeff Ash

Jeff Ash is an occasional contributor to Voyageur and a member of its editorial committee. He has edited four Green Bay Packers photo history books published by the Green Bay Press-Gazette, where he has worked for more than twenty years. He also has worked for the Wisconsin State Journal and the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram. He holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.

scott cross

Scott Cross, author of Like a Deer Chased by the Dogs: The Life of Chief Oshkosh, is an archivist at the Oshkosh Public Museum. He previously was curatorial assistant and archives assistant at the Wisconsin Veterans Museum. He has a bachelor's degree in historic preservation from Southeast Missouri University and a master's in historic administration from Eastern Illinois University

Marion Gould

Marion Gould has been a member of the League of Women Voters of Greater Green Bay since 1955. She has served on the league board and was treasurer and membership chair.

Gould and a committee produced the publication, 1929-1979, The League of Women Voters of Greater Green Bay: 50 Years of a Great Idea. Presently she is a member of the Health Care Committee.